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Faith & Heresy

By Matthew Gouldesbrough / The Sheridan Studio / Landor_Space / Bread & Roses Theatre

★★★★★ - About The Fringe 

'Groundbreaking', a stunning debut.'


"Mum it’s like the sun-

It’s like she is the sun-

And everything is orange."


The Boy has just moved away for uni. The Girlfriend isn't very happy about it.


A series of suggestions on love, long distance and happiness.

When you're up all night.

In a city that isn't home.

And everything is orange.


Faith & Heresy is a form-melding piece of theatre and film inspired by a series of poems, and driven by half illuminated faces, masked voices and longing. Part play, part personal experience - it asks questions about the nature of love and the impact of love on  making theatre in a way that is disorientating and erratic but ultimately, familiar.


The production was directed by Matthew Gouldesbrough and shown internally at Italia Conti, before being taken outside.

Technical direction Patrick Medway.


Georgie Fox

Zoë Hickson

Daniel Solbe

James Charalambous

Matthew Gouldesbrough

Katie Boughen

Patrick Medway

Maria Rillstone

Written & Directed by Matthew Gouldesbrough

Co-produced with the Landor_Space

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