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Hatch: New Year, New Writing

A brand new, semi-regular scratch night at the Golden Goose Theatre!


Come down and get your creative juices flowing with some post-pandemic inspiration and prepare for an exciting night of brand new theatre, poetry and more, from new and existing talent all curated by the award winning team at Elegy. Each night will have a different theme, and for our first Hatch of 2023, the theme is 'New Year, New Writing'. So come see the hottest new writing around that’s just around the corner, and join us for a glimpse of what the future could be!

Hatch: New Year, New Writing - Writers

Mackenzie Larsen.jpeg

Mackenzie Larsen

Songs from 'Fault Line' 

Mackenzie is an actor, writer, and musician. She and writing partner Catherine Chalk have written a new musical, Fault Line, which they are planning to produce this year. Mackenzie graduated from LAMDA’s MFA program last year. 

Fault Line is a new musical about friendship, musicians learning how to not let grief define you.

Keaton Wilkerson

Where We Are Now

In this piece you watch Carl explore the memories of the ones who partied before him in an effort to grasp the intangible. Keaton Wilkerson is a MFA Actor at East 15. He is originally from California where he has worked for many years as an actor and teaching artist. After performing and working in major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City he was ready for a change. Since moving to London he has been in productions such as The Deep Blue Sea, The Welkin and The Winters Tale at the Globe theatre.

What do you do when you find out you are dying? Tell everyone you're going on vacation, throw a raging going away party and have an existential breakdown. Simple!

Keaton Wilkerson.jpeg
Bella Rose.jpeg

Bella Rose

These, My Sisters

From Seychellois, and of British descent; Bella was born in Australia but grew up on Mallorca. Bella now works as an Actor, a producer and a scriptwriter here in London.

Set in England in the 15th century, at the beginning of the witch hunts, just as paranoia and panic is mounting around black magic and witchcraft. The law, Malleus Maleficarum (‘The Hammer of Witches’) has just been approved, a theological document that elevates sorcery to heresy and advocates the use of torture and the death penalty for anyone deemed to be practicing witchcraft and sorcery . The play centres around the relationships of three women, two practicing witches and villager with a gift, as they strive to keep their magic alive and grapple with the persecution closing in around them. The entire story is told around the fire, from these three women’s perspectives. It explores the power of the devine feminine, sacred magic & the interdependent relationship between humans and the natural world. It also examines misogyny, persecution & betrayal.

Benita C. Lambrechts

Racing Tortoise Tempo Slow

Benita is a Norwegian actress who moved to London one year ago to study acting at Mountview. She has experience with dance, singing, dubbing, puppetry, childrens shows on tour, musicals, plays and screen. 

"I would say I got the foundation for that through my undergrad from The Norwegian College of Music Theatre. But I've also always loved to write, and wanted to create my own work. So I came here to London, to dive deeper into acting, and to create my own play!"

The full play is about being late, about time, existence, identity, and dreams, and a tortoise with many names. It is based on an autobiographical story, explored through absurd theatre, music and movement. This scene is about someone eventually leaving something behind, to gain something new. 

Madison Gerringer.jpeg

Madison Gerringer

Arnie & Silas

Madison is a London transplant from Northern California currently completing her MA in Directing at LAMDA. Previous works include Smile, Darling or The Almighty Testicle Play (Director), Fergus (A Short Film) (Writer, Director) Language of Angels (Director), Murder at the Carlson’s (Co-playwright). She also enjoys drinking wine in aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces and smashing the patriarchy.

'Arnie & Silus' An eager man starts a new job. A seasoned pro shows him the ropes. It’s boring. Is it boring? It’s sweet. And a little sad.

Laura Prendergast

Jelly Baby + Shark Date

Laura is an actor and writer from Dublin. She is currently training at the London Academy of Dramatic Art on the MFA course. She also took part in LAMDA's new writing festival 'Mish Mash' in May 2022. Laura's latest projects include the short films 'My Place' with 2Lfilms currently in post production and 'Time Goes By Slowly Around Here' with Fallscirm Films due out late 2022. In 2020 she performed ‘Watching Paint Dry’ with her sketch comedy group at the 'Scene and Heard' festival in Dublin, as well as touring London, Dublin and Edinburgh Fringe with their previous show ‘Generation Whyyy?’ in 2019. Both shows Laura co-wrote and produced. As well as having a role in the 2020 feature film 'Cannibal Cabin', Laura has acted in over 25 short films, an online ad for Malteaser, BBC Bitesize, an online commercial for an international hotel group, various music videos, a documentary in which she presented as well as small roles in TV shows Love/Hate and Primeval. Laura also has a Bachelor's degree in Event Management

Two stand alone short scenes looking at relationships. Jelly Baby - We meet a couple who stumble across the subject of having children, learning they both have very different thoughts on the matter. Shark Date - Just two people trying to navigate a first date. Awkward laughs, tattoo talk and sharks... obviously.

Laura Prenderghast.jpeg


Original Music

"Jo is short for Josefine. I'm a Swedish superstar ready to win over the hearts of Britain!!!! I studied musical theatre but am now focusing on writing my own music together with my good friend Mr. Rickerby. To pay rent I work at a pub called the Scarsdale Tavern. Thats how I met Mads who in turn is the reason I met Matt. And they're the reason I'm here tonight. So if you don't like me blame them. "


You can find her on Spotify:

Hatch: New Year, New Writing - Performers

Sara Monica

These, My Sisters

Sara Monica has been working in projects between Los Angeles and London, mainly doing screen work, and has recently rekindled her passion for the stage.


India Rose

These, My Sisters

Roy Mas


Roy is in their final year at LAMDA.

Roy Mas.jpeg
Laura Prenderghast 1 .jpeg

John Rice

Jelly Baby

John is in his final year on the MFA at LAMDA.

George Solomou

Arnie & Silas

George is in his final year on the MFA at LAMDA.

George Sol.jpeg
Kaustubh Vaidya.jpeg

Kaustubh Vaidya

Arnie & Silas

Kaustubh is in his final year on the MFA at LAMDA.

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