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By Matthew Gouldesbrough 

★★★★⯨⯨⯨★⯨⯨⯨ - View From The Outside

'takes you hostage, long beyond the final words', 'brutal and intoxicating'

★★★★1/2⯨⯨⯨ - The Reviews Hub

'fiercely poetic', 'A real tour de force'

★★★★⯨⯨⯨ - Theatre & Other Things

'written and performed so beautifully'

★★★★ - Everything Theatre

'A gripping, emotional reflection on the theatre industry, with clever scripting and technically impressive staging'

★★★★ - LondonTheatre1

'passionate performances', 'intelligent and intriguing'

From EdFringe '22:

★★★★⯨⯨⯨★⯨⯨⯨ - Broadway Baby

'Truth / Reconciliation is a must-see for anyone at the Fringe. Seriously good theatre.'

★★★★ - Everything Theatre

'A play of astonishing vigour and heart.'

★★★★ - EdFringe Review

'An expressionist triumph.'

I wonder how I can bear that.

 And what it costs you.

 I wonder if all these things have happened to you too."


Two people come apart.

Two opposing stories.

They can't both be true, right? 

Performed by a real life couple,Truth/Reconciliation is a reflective show about the nature of success, the need to tell stories and theatre itself.


The end of a thematic trilogy. 


Alex - Jake Felts

Bea - Hannah Morrison

Written & Directed by Matthew Gouldesbrough

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